Green Design Landscaping Inc. has over 30 years’ of horticultural industry and small business ownership experience, and over 14 years of proven workforce development success.

We make a difference!

Green Design is passionate about the landscape & horticulture industry and making a difference for our clients. With over 30 years experience designing, installing and maintaining landscape and horticulture assets, Green Design is recognized as a strategic, results-driven, and technically oriented company with drive and sense of efficiency that is tempered and disciplined with attention to detail, deadlines, accuracy, and quality of the work. Green Design works with multiple sectors, stakeholders, and partners to create win: win results.

We provide consulting services aimed at industry professionals, government and trade associations, municipalities & institutions, and property owners. Our expertise recently benefited a municipal conservatory established in 1967 in a northern Ontario community, which resulted in the restoration of a horticultural jewel, and staff training to support the management of the horticultural collection, and the future vision of parks and asset expansion.

Green Design recognizes how important industry standards and quality are to the success of landscape and horticultural design, installation, maintenance, and business. With that, Green Design is proud of our contributions to the development of the following resources and programs:

  • The 1st and 2nd editions of the Canadian Landscape Standard produced by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
  • Industry recognized training and certification programs (LHCP – technical & business, Fusion, WSIP, etc.)


Green Design is proud of our contributions to the development and delivery of a progressive horticultural skills training program aimed at women in the federal corrections system for the last 7 years. It has been an incredible and unique opportunity  to  train and educate future workers that have developed a new interest in careers in the landscape and horticultural industry and other trades. This program continues to make a difference and change lives upon their reintegration into the community.

A principal of Green Design has had the pleasure to work with Canada’s largest horticultural trades association (Landscape Ontario) for over 14 years in Education and Workforce Development. As stated by Landscape Ontario’s Executive Director, Tony DiGiovanni, “Sally thinks at a visionary level.   She is able to imagine all the possibilities and steps required to solve large issues such as workforce development, enhancing industry professionalism, identifying and filling knowledge gaps and imagining all of the steps and connections required to achieve strategic goals. In her time with Landscape Ontario she has excelled. She was the architect of our Fusion, WSIP, Apprenticeship Group Sponsorship, GROW program, Professional Development Program and much more. Sally was also directly responsible for accessing over 10 million dollars of grants (since 2020) focused on elevating the stature of the Landscape/Horticulture industry as well as the success of individual member companies and their employees. Sally recognizes that the way to truly achieve future advances in the horticulture field is to ensure that employers and employees are continuously upgrading their knowledge, skill and competency levels.  She is a strong education advocate and believes that training is one of the best ways to accelerate professionalism and stimulate public trust in the trade”. 

Green Design provides a deep understanding of the horticulture and green infrastructure sector and the trades, the challenges we face, and the workforce development opportunities and solutions awaiting our profession and all trades. We look forward to connecting with you to discuss your unique project.

Our team is dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions that make a real difference for our clients